Real Property Appraisals

Cosner Realty & Appraisal Services

is able to provide top quality certified Real Property Appraisals

for estate, tax, divorce

and other non-mortgage loan purposes.

Just tell us why you need the appraisal and we will be able to tell you what sort of report you need

and whether or not you really need an appraisal.

Fully one third of all those who call us to order an appraisal

really need some other form of report or estimate

which is usually less costly than a full summary appraisal report.

Georgia State Certified General Appraiser, Joe Cosner,

is qualified to provide a certified real property appraisal

on any real property located in Georgia.

Personal Property Appraisals

Through our association with ...lost in the flood Estate Liquidators,

we are able to provide personal property appraisals for estate settlement and distribution.
is the website for ...lost in the flood for estate sales and other personal property sales.

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