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Frequently Asked Questions


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Please note!  We will never meet a prospective tenant at a property unless we have already met that prospect!   All first appointments must begin at our office on the Cleveland Square!       ****************************                             


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    Qualify yourself!


To save time, please use

the following list to prequalify yourself!

You will need to be sure that

you have or can provide

the following:

1.  Credit score:  600 or higher

2.  Gross income:  Minimum: 3 X the monthly rent (we will need proof of income & a copy of your current driver's license).

3.  References:  Minimum: your most recent landlord and a personal reference who knows you and always has a way to contact you.

4.  Pets:  Usually only one plus a credit score of  700+.  Only in pet friendly homes.  Remember!  We do not allow pets in any of our multi family properties!

5.   Lease term:  Minimum 12 months

6.  Cash up front:  One month's rent, security deposit (minimum deposit is the same as one month's rent), pet deposit (if any) and application fee ($40).

If you qualify under/on all six of the above, you will most likely qualify to become our tenant.



Please call us


706 865 . . . .

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the Rules & FAQ)



Have you read

all the information in our


Rules, Requirements

and FAQ?

You can save a lot of time and questions if you read before you call!



Until a home becomes vacant and ready for move-in,

it will not be offered!  As soon as it is available,

the home will be displayed on this page!  

Thank you for your patience!
Homes will remain showing "Available now!"

until a new lease has been signed...

...even if a rent reservation

has been paid.

Please note! 

Some of the homes listed on our

Just Listed for Rent   page

have already been rented. 

They will be headed: 

"Sorry!  This home has been leased!"
Please scroll past

these listings for there may be more homes available

listed after some of the ones that have been leased!




Rules, Requirements

& FAQ's

1.  We require good credit.  No prospect will be considered with a credit score under 600.  However, if your score is close and you have excellent references and qualify financially, sometimes it might be worth calling us.

Prospects with credit scores above 700 will be given extra consideration.


2.  We require proof of income and prospects must qualify.  A good rule of thumb is:   your rent should not exceed 1/3 of your monthly gross income.


3.  We require an application including previous landlord information and references.  We further require that you provide your previous landlord his required notice before we will accept you as a tenant.




Dogs are NEVER allowed to RUN FREE.  Dogs must NEVER BE TIED OR CHAINED!  Adequate pen must be provided by tenant and removed at the end of tenancy.  We always require a pet deposit of $200 (or more) for each animal and we seldom allow more than one or two pets.  Pet deposit is always refundable...if, when we inspect, we cannot tell that you have had a pet in the home, your pet deposit will be fully refunded! 

Breeds of dogs we cannot allow include:

Pit Bull, Pit Bull mixes, Akita, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman

and some others.

We never allow a pet in a multi-family property.




5.  We will limit the number of persons allowed in a certain size home.


6.  We will not rent a home "sight unseen"!  Prospects must inspect the home before we will accept them as tenants, and we normally will not accept an application until the prospect has seen and selected a property.


7.  Our application fee is $40.  That will cover one or two lessees' applications for the same property.


8.  Due to our small staff and to keep our rates at a minimum, we cannot show a property more than once to the same prospect.  Normally, we will not show a husband without his wife, but sometimes we will show the wife without her husband.  We prefer that all persons who will be making the decision or whose income is required to qualify, see the home at the same time.


9.  Our rent amounts are as reasonable as we can make them.  We DO NOT negotiate rents.  Please don't ask. 


10.  We prorate rents to the first of the month.  We require a minimum proration of one half of one month's rent.  Tenants taking occupancy after the 15th of the month must pay a full month's rent up front and the prorated rent on the first of the following month.


11.  Security deposits are usually equal to one month's rent and must be paid, in full, in cash, prior to delivery of keys. 


12.  Depending upon rent rates, a rent reservation fee of $200 to $600 will hold a property for which you are approved for up to 15 days.  Rent reservation fees are applied to rent upon lease signing.


13.  First month's rent and security deposit must be paid in cash, cashier's check or money order, except in cases where the lessee's credit score exceeds 700

14.  These rules and requirements are firm.  Please do not ask us to adjust them for special cases.  We are employed by and work for the property owners and our agreements with them require enforcement of these rules and requirements.  Cosner Realty, its employees and associates do not own any rental properties managed by us.  The owners of the properties we manage belong only to our clients.

15.  We can no longer accept cash for monthly rents.  Tenants who need to pay with cash must secure a money order or cashier's check.  The only exception to this is application fee, first month's rent, security deposit or pet deposit. 


16.  We never accept a cosigner on any lease.  Only the lessees signatures will be accepted on any lease.  All lease signers must be tenants in the property.


17.  We NEVER allow subletting of any property under any circumstances.
If you must terminate your tenancy and you have a candidate for the tenancy, that party must apply and qualify just as any other prospect.  You can refer that party to us but we will make the decision as to whether or not we will rent to your referral.



Cosner Realty is an equal opportunity property management company.

For further information or

to make an appointment to view

any home listed on our

Just Listed For Rent

page as

"Available Now"

please call

706 865 9766

The best time to call is

9:30 to 10:30 AM, Monday through Friday.

You may call any time week days

between 9:30 AM and 5 PM. 

We are not regularly open weekends or holidays

but we are always available in case of

an emergency.

Thanks for reading our Rules, Requirements & FAQ!




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