Property Management

Cosner Realty & Appraisal Services offers complete property management.

Do you have a rental house that won't rent?

Do you have a tenant who won't pay and won't move?

Are you tired of dealing with tenants?

We are here to take over all your landlord problems!

We will take over management and:

1. remove a nonpaying or problem tenant.

2. supervise getting the property in shape to rent.

3. screen prospective tenants.

4. show the property to suitable prospects.

5. secure credit reports and references on prospective tenants.

6. provide all the necessary documents.

7. prepare a lease and get it signed.

8. hold the security deposit.

9. collect the rent and disburse it in a timely fashion

(usually within 72 hours of receipt of rents).

10. look after emergencies and supervise repairs.

11. provide you with a comprehensive monthly statement

which will contain all that you or your accountant will require

to prepare your taxes.

Typically, these services will only cost you

10% of the rent per month!

Isn't it time that you called us to take over

your landlord headaches?

706 865 9766

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